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Tue, Feb-03-2015 05:17:48

Storm bike is fully electric

Stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic again? Tired of being crammed like cattle into a subway car? An Indiegogo campaign launching Monday may help change that. The Storm eBike is a basic two-wheeler with a battery-powered motor that could make your daily commute a breeze. “It’s the Tesla of bicycles,” says company co-founder Storm Sonders (yes, that’s his real name). But the Storm eBike doesn’t come with a Tesla-like price. At an introductory price of $499, it lives at the low end of the range for electric bikes, which can cost $3,000 or more. (That introductory offer will expire in a few days; the expected retail price is closer to $1300.) I got to take one for a short spin outside Yahoo’s San Francisco offices. Unlike traditional electric-assist bikes, which require you to pedal first before the motor kicks in, the Storm is fully electric. A gentle tap of my thumb on the accelerator, and I was hitting the max speed of 20 mph in less than 50 yards. Hydraulic disc brakes brought it to a swift stop.