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Sat, Jul-25-2015 04:08:00

Serengeti lions napping in a tree

Australian Bobby-Jo Clow was leading a photographic safari in the Moru Kopjes area of Central Serengeti, Tanzania, when the tour came upon a very unusual sight: a tree full of lions taking naps. The group had been photographing thousands of wildebeests and zebras that were part of the Great Migration when the lions were spotted in a sausage tree about one meter away. There were about 25 lions in the pride. The tourists managed to get close enough to obtain amazing photos, and even hear some of the lions snoring. Clow said it was comical to watch the lions reposition themselves “as they are very clumsy and lack the leopards’ climbing skills.” So why were the lions in the tree? Like humans, they don’t like insects. “Our amazing guide Firoz informed us that due to the recent rains the grass was quite long in the Serengeti and that lions climb the trees to escape the insects that thrive in the long grass,” Clow explained.